Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation

We understand that pets are like family, so with this in mind we have designed our pet relocation solutions with the utmost care so that they will be there to move into your new home with you. With SAE Asia, your pets will just receive as much attention and care as anyone else.

For the safety and comfort of your pets, SAE Asia designed a full range of services that will accommodate them during each step of their relocation. To be entrusted with the relocation of your beloved animals is for us a great responsibility we are willing to have and we thank you for it by providing them with the most careful and safe service.

Pet Relocation Steps

Step 1: Fit for Relocation?

First we must determine that your pet is fit for travel. For importing or exporting only dogs and cats are allowed. Other types require “specialized” providers. Snub-nosed dogs and cats may require additional documentation and tests. It is also important to remember that you may only relocate one pet for one passport.

Step 2: Choose Travel Option

Choose whether you would like to have your pet travel with you( on your flight either in cabin or in the live animal section of the plane) or have your pet travel by themselves. Both options have different documentation requirements. Your pet relocation consultant will provide you with documents needed.

Step 3: Immunizations & ISO Microchip

Make sure that your pet has had rabies and other disease vaccinations(dependent on destination country) administered more then 30 days before and less than one year in advance to their relocation. Original vaccination records must be provided. Your pet must also bear an ISO microchip as required by law.

Step 4: Passport & Other Documentation

Photocopies of your passport, including the picture page, Chinese visa page and last entry into China page is required. In addition, your e-ticket itinerary is required as we will use this to schedule your pet’s reservation.

Step 5: Pre-Departure Export Health Check/Certificate

After all of your documents are together, your pet will receive a final pre-travel health check at a government veterinary clinic. With this check you will receive an export health certificate, certifying your pet for travel.

Step 6: Departure & Quarantine

On the day of departure, take your pet to the airport and we will assist with airport clearance and pet check-in. Upon arrival to your destination, depending on the country, your pet may have to be held in quarantine. Your pet relocation consultant will give you full details describing the duration of your pet’s quarantine.