Mini-Move & Excess Baggage

Mini-Move & Excess Baggage

Mini Move & Excess Baggage

We understand that moving does not always imply moving the whole house and everything that’s in it. To address this, SAE Asia invented the Mini-Move & Excess Baggage services. Mini-Move & Excess Baggage: A simple move comprised of just one to a few boxes of personal effects and household goods. These are available to ship by air or sea.


Our Mini-Move services are a simplified removal service adapted to small volumes:

  • No minimum amount
  • No minimum volume
  • Simplified customs procedures
  • Air Mini-Move: Door-to-Door within 7 working days
  • Sea Mini-Move: Door-to-Door between 2 to 4 months (depending on the destination and the period of the year)

For smaller budgets and volumes, the SAE Asia Mini-Move solutions are the most cost-effective and flexible removal solutions.

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Excess Baggage

Traveling light is unfortunately not always an option. To help you with this issue, SAE Asia created the Excess Baggage service.

Our excess baggage service is door-to-door so that you will only have to bring the absolute minimum to the airport.

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