Moving & Shipping Services

Moving & Shipping Services

International Relocation

At SAE Asia, we provide value through our tailor-made or packaged moving solutions according to your needs and budget. From moving a few boxes to moving your office across the street or moving your home to the other side of the globe, SAE Asia provides a wide range of services that guarantees customer and financial satisfaction.

Fine Art Logistics

We understand the challenges that arise when packing, transporting and installing valuable fine art. It is never easy to entrust your valuable possessions to others. 

To ensure you that your precious artwork is in safe hands, SAE Asia only selects the most experienced and professional members for our moving team. Our motivated team has mastered the specialized skills to handle even the most complex and demanding projects.

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We know that the success of your business greatly depends on the efficiency of your logistics. Consequently, as your forwarding supplier, we fully recognize the importance of understanding your business and to act as your closest partner. 

We provide a full range of comprehensive and cost-effective air, sea and land shipping solutions that covers the whole globe as well as all your logistics needs.

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The circumstances under which you may need storage services can be as varied as the different type of goods we may want to store. Whether it is because you are moving, restoring your old house, have too much stuff or don't like your landlord's furniture taste. 

Whether it is for a short period of time or for a long period. Whether you need a normal storage space or a top-of-the-art storage facility.

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Additional Services

At SAE Asia, we always try to do more so that you can do less.

Our Additional Services bring together other services that you may need on top of our regular moving and shipping services.

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