Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation

What documents are required for pet relocation?
The documents required for Pet Relocation vary by country, the most basic documents are the vaccination record booklet (rabies) as well as an ISO microchip to identify the pet.

For more details, please ask your pet relocation consultant to found out what the requirements are by country.

Why is pet relocation so expensive?
Pet relocation, unlike a regular household move, involves living creatures and therefore the resources to allow the pets to travel safely and comfortably contribute to the costs.
Since animals cannot spend long periods of time on transit, all pets are transported by air, which is also more expensive than other options.
In addition to the transport costs, there are additional customs procedures that further add to the relocation of a pet.

Is there any way for my pet to avoid long periods of time in quarantine?
Depending on your situation, we may have an option which is to transit your pet (dog or cat) through Hong Kong.
By going through Hong Kong, the period of quarantine may be shorten or even totally avoided.
Please contact us for more details.

What are the quarantine times in and out of China?
If the pet is imported to China, the pet can spend 1 month in quarantine.
If the pet is exported out of China, the amount of time that the pet will spend in quarantine is dependent on the destination country.

Most of the countries would require a quarantine period for pets coming from China (the quarantine may have to be done in China or at destination).

For more details, please consult your pet relocation consultant.