Why should I choose SAE Asia?
Among the numerous reasons why you should choose SAE Asia, here are the 3 main reasons:

SAE Asia was created by 3 professionals from the industry
The goal of this project was to provide an enhanced service compared to the competition by justly learning from past experiences and mistakes encountered when working for these companies.
The foundation as well as the daily management processes of SAE Asia have therefore been designed to answer internal (from employees) and external (from clients) critics gathered during numerous years from the leading companies of the industry.
The result is a young spirited company, that doesn’t hesitate to do things differently and that tries everyday to improve the services quality provided to the customer.

We see moving as a succession of processes that can be optimized in order to have a fast, smooth and stress-free experience
By breaking down every step of a move into clear, pre-defined and detailed processes, a move handled by SAE Asia becomes a product with standards and quality checkpoints that can be measured.
The result at the end is for our clients to receive exactly what they ordered.

The pyramidal structure of our company

Sales and Back Office: Quick Response Time, Knowledgeable, Excellent Customer Service
Operations: Skilled Packing Crew, International Network, Punctuality
Company Values: Professionalism, Honesty, Building Long-Term Relations

For these main reasons among others, we believe that SAE Asia is the best choice for handling your move between China and anywhere in the world.

Why is the ocean freight a variable cost?
When moving internationally, the originally quoted amount and the final invoiced amount may be different.

For this several possibilities:
- Rise of the ocean freight by the time of the shipment;
- Additional inspection or required quarantine fees;
- Additional costs related to the access at destination (parking fees, long distance between the truck and your home, access via outside or through stairs...);
- Any not requested additional services (maid services, handyman services, storage...);
- Additional volume;
- Demurrage & port charges if required;
- Customs or port penalties due to a declaration that would be wrong, fake or not provided within the time limit;

Regarding the ocean freight, the rates are imposed by the shipping lines and can fluctuate from a month to another.
The fluctuation can be quite high when moving during a peak season (summer time and Christmas time).

In general, if the increase is significant, we bill back the difference at cost.

My understanding is that you are working with other moving companies overseas instead of having your own offices, how does it work?
There are indeed 2 types of international movers:
- international movers with offices in different countries;
- international movers with a network of other independent local international movers to represent them overseas.

Both solutions have pros and cons.

As a company with offices in different countries, you will deal with the same name at origin and at destination.
You can also benefit from better rates as both branches may cut their profits in order to confirm a removal under the name of the company.
However, both companies are actually 2 different legal entities and can provide uneven level of services.
Moreover, it is common that the operations are outsourced to local movers while the branch only handles the sales.

As a company part of a network of local movers, you will deal with 2 different names at origin and at destination.
However, partnerships are chosen based on criteria such as competitive rates, response time, quality of the packers, service attitude...
The more removals a company has to a certain destination, the more trustworthy that partnership is.
Moreover, the type of service you receive at origin is often representative of the type of service you will receive at destination since companies tend to work with companies holding the same standards.

SAE Asia is an independent local international moving company, part of IAM (International Movers Association - www.iamovers.org).