Anna Dai

July 2015

SAE's work let us save a lot of work for the administrative staff. They are well-organized and within two hours completed the relocation of all employee work items. I am very happy to have found SAE’s service and will recommend again!

Daisy Jiang

June 2015

This is a good move experience, professional team, efficient working rhythm, and provide a good service.

Helene Chane

July 2014

I am satisfied with SAE moving services. It is at least the 4th time I use their services and i have no hesitation recommending them! Now, a bit of details about my experience: Moving Crew was late due to high traffic during lunch period, well we all know how Shanghai traffic is, right? Packing was done swiftly, staff were friendly and professional. Some of the staff are with SAE since quite some time now, as we recognized each other from my previous moves! They sometimes tend to use a little bit too much paper when wrapping but i think they just really want to avoid damage (better be safe than sorry i guess...). The moving supervisor was helpful and really helped his crew (not just standing there doing nothing but ticking boxes on his paperwork) so that everything could go faster. Everything arrived pretty quickly to Hong Kong (around 1 week after the pick up day if i recall correctly), they called 1 day ahead to make sure someone was home. Everything arrived in good condition, except for some small dents to the dining table but reported damage was dealt with promptly by SAE, so no biggie. All in all... Use SAE for a serene move!

Trixy Zielke

May 2014

Thanks for the great move! We are happy our move was safely in your hands.

Ingo Kuhnholz

March 2014

Flawless service by Benny and his colleagues. Communication with SAE and the overseas partner was always clear and professional. Everything arrived in good condition and within the promised time frame. I would use them again.

Jean-Sebastien Cournarie

November 2013

I have been living in China since 2001 and moved 9 times already. On top of being friendly and professional, the whole SAE team was very helpful, which is great given that the move happened during the national holidays. On top of it it was raining all day. So needless to say that I highly recommend SAE services both to locals and expats.